Back in the old days, got credit scores from equifax and transunion as part of credit report purchase. They were.both higher than my fico score. Both FAKO’s were in 600s. Both FICOs were in 500s. I applied for Barclays apple rewards and Discover it. Declined for both. Since then, I obviously have accurate FICOs in the 700s. Having a secured installment loan helps cushion against minor fluctuations. I obviously overcame the past, and have received Discover IT and Barclays Aviator (and a few other cards on my side list). Of course, I used score watch while cleaning my reports. I then tend to purchase the 3b monitoring before applying for new credit. I use credit karma and to monitor for abrupt changes in credit, those are free.

Score Comparison

Non-FICO Credit Score


600s from Equifax

Obtained from Bureaus


500s from Equifax

Obtained from n/a