I use those FAKO scores before, and I was happy with those numbers while preparing for credit card applications. Then through googling around, I realized they are based on models (like Advantage Score) lenders do not use, and found out that my FICO score was actually higher than the FAKO scores when I received a credit score report from a bank when my credit limit increase request was denied at that time. I pulled all my real FICO scores later on with paid service, and they are all higher than the FAKO scores I can get for free. In reality, I cannot comment on whether the FAKO scores hurt me or not when I made decisions to apply for a credit card before I knew FICO scores. I am happy to see my FICO scores, though. Later on, when all of my scores are above 730, I think the scores are no longer matter much to me because I can basically apply for any credit cards I need if the CU only care about the score.

Score Comparison