When I first started rebuilding the Credit Karma score was a great tool to use to track what happened and see how the score change on a daily basis according to what posted on my report. It certainly made it very visable how usage and other things really did impact a score. When some baddies fell off my report you could clearly see the nice jump it caused. When I got my first limit over $2000 you could clearly see that jump too. As I applied for cards you could also see the changes caused by the inquiries. And certainly over time it also was good to see how the score increased with proper payment of the accounts. Recently though there has been a drop to my CK score, a huge drop actually, by about 30 points, while at the same time my FICO score jumped 30 points. Right now there is almost a 70 point difference in these two scores. I find this to be amusing. I did appreciate these services in the past, but am a bit more appreciative as of recent times. Now I basically use them only for monitoring. I still check CK every week out of habit, but really don’t rely on the score as much since my credit card companies give me a real FICO.

Score Comparison

Non-FICO Credit Score


688 from Transunion

Obtained from Credit Karma


760 from Experian

Obtained from credit card company