I obtained my credit monitoring through a credit union monitoring program provided by Experian (CreditCheck and ID Monitor). This had all three of my VantageScores between 620-650. I was trying to get a mortgage, so I needed my actual FICO scores to know what I would be looking at as far as interest rates, or even getting approved. I signed up for myFICO 3B monthly service, and was shocked to find my Experian FICO score was nearly 90 points higher! My FICO 8 score was a 720 (VantageScore was a 633). This is ridiculous. I no longer put ANY stock in any of the credit monitoring services scores and will only use FICO scores now when looking into credit issues. I now only use the other services to get updates and see when things hit my account and to pull my reports. The VantageScores are completely useless and not based in reality whatsoever! I looked into my FICO2, FICO4, and FICO5 scores (the ones used by the mortgage companies) and saw that they were between a 660 and 697. I had no problem getting approved for my mortgage, but had I not looked at my real FICO scores, I would likely not even have applied at all because of how low they were. We are now trying to bring up my wife’s scores, and she has exactly the opposite problem. Her VantageScores are showing 50-60 points higher than her actual FICO scores, so had we attempted to use her credit, we would likely have been denied because of the VantageScores being completely inaccurate and nowhere near what either of our scores were. myFICO is the only place to get near real time monitoring of your scores, and are the only scores that matter when you are applying for credit. Make sure you check them before applying for anything important, otherwise you will be unhappy with the outcome.

Score Comparison

Non-FICO Credit Score


633 from Experian

Obtained from Experian CreditCheck and ID Monitor


720 from Experian

Obtained from myFICO